Tai Yeh Building Management and Maintenance

Since 1982, Chairman Mr.Suo Hung Chuang has introduced new knowledge and technology about building management. In June of 1988, his business has engaged in several famous projects as a subcontractor. Later, Mr.Chuang founded “Tai Yeh’s Building Integrated Services” and changed its name to “Tai Yeh’s Building Management and Maintenance” to accommodate the new licensing law issued by the government.

  • Registered Capital:50 million NTD
  • Registered and approved in 6/11/1988
  • On 8/9/1999, Tai Yeh obtained the needed license
  • Main business:I 801011 Building and service management


  • Annual planning
  • Conducting meeting
  • General affairs/routine
  • Training for onsite staffs

Rules Establishing

  • Execute the reglations published
  • Reporting building’s
  • committee’s structure
  • Documents signed and delivered
  • Established SOP

Financial Planning

  • Managing public funds
  • Annual budgeting
  • Financial statement
  • Financial revenue and its use

Consultation for building services

  • Consultation for relative laws
  • Fire services’ consultation
  • AC’s consultation

Amenities and activities planning

  • Amenities planning and managing
  • Festivals’ activities planning
  • Reports for facilities’ conditions

Public Relation

  • Communication with regard to public affairs
  • Networking and external communication
  • Relative laws explained