Tai Fa Engineering Inc.

Electromechanical facilities are like human’s blood vessel and organs that are interlocking and can be influenced by each other. Because of that, to ensure all facilities operating normally, all buildings should retain professional electromechanically services. Establishing a complete maintenance mechanism is of utmost importance. A building should also make preparation for emergency response and damage control. Our company offers specialized electromechanical services and retains service of many experienced and skilled technicians and supervisors. Tai Fa is capable of serving any type of building, and it will place customers’ properties in good hands.

  • Registered Capital:20 million NTD
  • Approved and registered on 12/23/1988
  • Main business:
    • E601010 Electrical Equipment
    • E602011 Refrigeration &air conditioning
    • E501011 Water supply-pipe installation

Facility Maintenance

  • Fire equipment
  • AC equipment
  • Electric equipment
  • Weak current equipment
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Motor and generator

Energy Saving Analysis

  • Electrometric analysis
    Power factor
  • improvement
  • Energy saving measures
  • Electrical safety checkup

Engineering Construction

  • Power distribution engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • AC engineering
  • Interior