Tai Yeh Corp. was founded in 1988, and subsequently it has expanded to area of security, cleaning, and mechanics to cope with the growing awareness in building management. Obtaining internationally recognized ISO 9001 in 2002 is another step for Tai Yeh to be more systemized and updated with the current trend.

Vertical Integration with Specialized Departments

Unlike many others, Tai Yeh Group has subdivided into several departments to specialize in the wide variety of fields of building management. Division of labor based on specialization, together with corporate management, has enabled each company to expand exponentially acting as an independent operating unit. At the same time, the specialized companies can work as a whole, with building management department leading the way. Tai Yeh embodies the core concept of vertical integration, unprecedented in the industry. Stressing total solution emphatically, Tai Yeh boasts to be the first company to have the associated four departments. On top of that, Tai Yeh has proudly offered construction services and mapping of interior and exterior spacing and circulation of a building. Such comprehensive services not only pave way for business transformation, but also give the company edge among other competitors. In 2017, we introduces Haier’s active magnetic bearing chiller to provide our existing customers and prospective customers energy saving solution. We believe that not only customers’ properties become more cost effective, but also the values of their properties could also increase through innovative managerial approaches and services.





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